Sweet Caroline?

I don’t think any of us saw that coming! 44-8 is a truly brilliant score line to start the season and the performance in both defence and attack was top notch. Where I was sitting, I though Tom Willis, Dan Robson and Ali Crossdale were the standouts amongst some belting performances.

This is a very quick post, hopefully to start some discussion on the following points.

  1. Attendance was pretty poor, 8.5k. I might be alone on this, and I did make it to the Leicester game at the end of the season, after months of not being able to see any rugby live I couldn’t wait to get back. Presumed it would be much busier. Possible explanations might be the clash that time has with a lot of local club players who would be playing at that time, the lack of travelling support, but is there more to it than that? Upcoming games against Northampton and Exeter will surely bring in a bigger crowd?
  2. Announcer Pete. The club hasn’t really come out of this well have they? There’s always two sides to every story but it’s hard not to get the impression this has been handled particularly badly. I think anyone who has served an organisation for that long needs treating with far more respect. Let’s hope it gets resolved.
  3. Atmosphere. Time to bring in some chants / songs I think. Great to see the players singing in the changing room but I can’t recall the same song being sung in the stadium. Let’s change that. I wonder also if there are songs we could come up with collectively to improve the atmosphere? Here’s one for starters. The best chant in recent seasons (by some distance) is the Will Griggs on fire song. I know it’s football. Look it up on Youtube – it’s an absolute belter. The lyrics could easily be adapted for any number of Wasps lads, e.g. Crossdale’s on fire, your full back is terrified, etc. No – fair enough. Suggest one!

Enjoy the next one!

One comment

  1. Another enjoyable post – thank you.
    Perhaps the availability of fuel deterred the travelling spectator, it did me.
    With regards the singing, in recent history we supporters never have but with the move to Cov maybe there will be a new DNA and we might. Not many clubs do and when they do it seems to be one part of one song. Saints and England spring to mind.
    The song the players sing is, I understand only sung after a win and is something to do with a bonnet. Others will have more detail.
    Regards, Robert.


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