Feeling the Rage

I haven’t posted for a while because this blog was originally set up to generate conversations about things on the rugby field, more so than events off it. I guess that’s changed in the past twelve months, and with the expected suspension hitting London Irish next week, my interest in Premiership Rugby has reached an all time low.

I just feel angry.

  • Angry that Derek Richardson allowed a ridiculous debt to be built up, assured fans and players months before Wasps went into administration that they wouldn’t be, and by all accounts blocked a late takeover which would have meant Wasps would still be in existence now.
  • Angry that due to the complete absence of leadership at the top level in Premiership Rugby and the RFU that the club game looks set to lose three of its’ leading teams this season, impacting negatively on c500 people’s livelihoods, not to mention the impact it has on those who follow them loyally.
  • Angry that the RFU / Premiership Rugby cannot confirm what the future is in terms of promotion / relegation, meaning that the chances of any of these clubs getting back up and running again is remote, meaning that the chances that they can pay back the money they owe even less likely.
  • Angry to see post after post about Wasps coming back to their rightful home in London. If there was any real substance to this, Wasps would never have moved to Coventry in the first place, and haven’t played in London for years.
  • Angry that something my family and I used to look forward to attending on a regular basis is now over and I have to read ridiculous posts from Simon Massie-Taylor suggesting the club game will be in a better state in twelve months. How about you focus on the here and now Simon?
  • Angry that I have it on good authority, recently confirmed by Lawrence Dallaglio, that the RFU despite suggesting otherwise through media outlets have done next to nothing to support Wasps in recent months, which whether they should do or not shows how little they also care about the businesses and players impacted (e.g. England international Brad Shields) by their woeful financial management.
  • Angry that despite it being the Premiership Rugby final this weekend, what should be the showpiece for this ‘product’, that because of the events of the past few months I have never been less interested in a sporting occasion in my life.
  • Angry that I sport I used to love playing and now coaching appears to be managed at the top level by absolute imbeciles who appear far more focused on self-interest that than doing what they are paid ridiculous amounts of money to do.

You get the picture. Absolute farce. See you on the other side.


  1. It’s like you were inside my head! Well said, so frustrated. And its like being poked with needles every couple of days!


  2. Thank you for your heart-felt honest articulation on behalf of yourself, our club’s supporters, which will resonate with all true rugby supporters, whoever their club is. The English and Welsh professional game is in a sorry state, that also is wholly apparent in the performance of our national teams. The respective RFUs, club league owners, have jointly woefully presided. Meanwhile we watch Irish and French rugby show how successful it can be. All nations were affected the same through Covid, yet two out of the 4 navigated through the storm and are now full steam ahead. I’m afraid that in the English game at the top level, avarice is endemic. Rotten to the core.


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