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It’s been a quiet week if you are a fan of either Wasps, Coventry City, or potentially both…

A quick summary, in no particular order.

The CBS pitch is in a mess following the Commonwealth Games.

Coventry City have had to postpone two matches and played another ‘home’ game away from the ground.  

There is various speculation and rumours about the repayments of the bonds from a Wasps perspective, with some speculating that Wasps may not be even able to start the season.

According to the rugby paper, Wasps have had to freeze recruitment for next season.

Derek Richardson has reported, via the Times, that Wasps are ‘contrary to some ill-informed speculation, we are not in administration and we are not going to be’.

It is making for some pretty toxic exchanges on social media. I’d like to think I am half decent when it comes to empathy. I can understand why there is a fair bit of disdain towards Wasps from Coventry fans and why there seems to be real enthusiasm about the idea that Wasps may go under. Even if it was to happen though (which I don’t believe it will) that elation you might feel if you follow the football club, I suspect will soon be replaced by the realisation that your owners are still an absolute shower.  This timeline is a little reminder of all the issues in the past ten years, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with Wasps Rugby Club.

Speaking personally, I’m getting pretty fed up with it and would prefer to be focussing on the rugby. On that theme I have read a few thoughts suggesting Wasps squad is not anywhere near as strong as it needs to be. I am not disagreeing with the idea that there is a couple of areas where the club seem to be are a little light in the backs, particularly at 15, but I actually think the pack is looking in great shape. There’s the old saying that ‘forwards win matches, backs decide by how much’. If everyone is fit, there are not many other packs in England I would want to trade for Wasps, particularly with the reinforcements at tight-head. Genuinely. You might also be surprised by the impact that some of the players coming through the academy might have in the back line.

Some other quick points:

  • The players have absolutely nothing to do with the off-field issues and need our support. Get a ticket, get to the ground and support the lads. Staying away from the CBS isn’t going to help performances on the pitch, or the current situation. Hope to see some of you at the Bristol match next month and enjoy watching some live rugby.
  • Christian Wade is still to confirm his next professional step. Whatever he chooses, I hope we get to see him on a rugby pitch again, even if it is for another club.
  • I recently read Steve Thompson’s autobiography. If you coach a team, at any level, or want to understand more about why he is taking legal action because of his condition, I would strongly encourage you to get a copy. It has certainly given me a different perspective on his situation and the safety of the game in general.
  • If you can rely on anyone to hit the headlines, it’s Eddie Jones. He has shared some views about public schools and how, he believes, they don’t produce another players with strong leadership qualities, or words to that effect. As someone who has worked for approaching the past twenty years in both the public and private education sector, my view, for what it is worth, is that there is a wider issue here. If you are really talented at any sport, there is a good chance that from a young age you are going to be attached to some sort of academy and that sport is going to take over your world, so much of your life is going to be prescribed to you. Consequently, you perhaps do not have the same opportunities to experience other challenges in different scenarios, which better enables leadership and decision-making development. It is an interesting discussion point, and I think education is certainly a huge factor, but by no means not the only one.

Thanks for reading, let’s hope that by the time the season rolls round, some of the topics raised have been resolved.

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