‘Daddy, you’re a bald loser’.


I started losing my hair when I was in my early twenties. When I was younger I had significant coverage, leading to some fairly hilarious looking styles, and a lot of ribbing. It was like a birds eye view of spaghetti junction at one point. I think when I was about fifteen I decided to get some clippers on it to sort the issue, and after a fairly uneventful few years, hair style wise, started to notice a reduction up top. That’s got worse over the years, but given my height and short hair style anyway, it never bothered me.

Not sure the same could be said for my son. He’s now five years of age, and is a funny little character. Seems to take delight in being mischievous, and is very competitive. He is in a constant rush, needs to win at anything he is doing, and does not take losing particularly well. We’re similar personalities. He has the same mad professor lid I had when I was his age, so I’m confident he’ll follow down my pathway to baldness if there’s any justice. That will teach him.

Anyway, we’re playing a board game a few months ago, and he hits me with it. I let him win, in the interests of avoiding tears and compliance with most parenting advice, and he’s fairly pleased with the outcome. I’ve always been bought up to win and lose with grace. The boy isn’t having any of that, and after doing a small victory jig, get’s right in my face and lets me have it; ‘Daddy, you’re a bald loser!’.

Now the reaction when you share this story is interesting. Most of my friends and family seem to find it hilarious, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my wife looking happier. My daughter was in hysterics when she heard him say it. The Grandparents response is a mixture of acknowledgement for the factually correct statement, combined with some inquisitive questioning about the monster we appear to be creating. I’m a mixture of immense pride at the quality of the insult, alongside some self reflection on whether my wife’s glee is alarming.

We had a bit of a chat about it, and all agreed that though it was funny, he should perhaps reign in the insults when playing sports and games with his friends, if he wanted to keep any.

I’m sharing the story as an introduction because in the past, I’ve probably been guilty of being overly sensitive on occasions, and as I’ve got older, learnt it’s very important not to take yourself too seriously, or worry too much about what people you don’t care about think of you. I have no interest in using this blog as anything more than an outlet for doing something I enjoy doing (writing) and hopefully creating a bit of discussion. If you enjoy reading nonsense about sports, (rugby in particular) you are in business. If not, this won’t be for you!

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